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"Dream High" Airs Its Final Episode + Who Is Singer ‘K’?

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Source: SPN via Nate, Newsen

KBS2TV’s “Dream High” aired its final episode on February 28th, and the fate of the beloved ‘Kirin Arts High School’ students were finally revealed!

The series finale had fast-forwarded to the year 2018. First off, the mysterious ‘K‘ (whose stage introduction kicked off the show) was revealed to be none other than ‘Sam Dong‘ (Kim Soo Hyun)!

The star had successfully auditioned for EMG, but almost missed his chance because he wanted to stay with ‘Hye Mi‘ (miss A’s Suzy). An emotional scene took place between Sam Dong and Hye Mi, during which Sam Dong revealed, “I didn’t audition because I wanted to go to America. It was because of you and that was all. You’ve always been my music, and my music is still you. That is why I was able to come this far. Music doesn’t exist if you’re not there“.

But Hye Mi encouraged him to keep running towards his dream. “Don’t you remember saying to me that you were going to be so handsome and accomplished that I wouldn’t even worry about you? Well I’m still worried about you. So if this is the end, I’ll keep worrying. So become better“.

Ultimately, Sam Dong did go to the U.S., and debuted under the stage name ‘K’. He became an international star, and was even becoming nominated for a Grammy Award.

As for Sam Dong’s first love,she performed at her 100th concert, with her friends and family supporting her. She also dedicated her first song to ‘Sam Dong’, finally revealing her feelings for him.

‘Jin Guk‘ (Taecyeon) debuted under the name ‘Hyun Si Hyuk‘, and became a hot star whose presence was always declared by the horde of media surrounding him. ‘Baek Hee’ (T-ara’s Eunjung) became a teacher at Kirin Arts High School, and it’s noted that she resembled her former teacher, Lee Yoon Ji, in both appearance and teaching style.

The ‘Milky Couple’ maintained their love, as Pilsook (IU) and Jason (Wooyoung) were shown interacting affectionately. IU became a kindergarten teacher, and decided to use her musical talents to lull her class children to sleep.

Additionally, the Oh Hyuk (Um Ki Joon) and Kyung Jin (Lee Yoon Ji) couple, as well as the Doo Shik (Ahn Kil Kang) and Oh Sun (Ahn Sun Young) couple both got married, revealing happy endings for all.

Viewers were mostly satisfied with the happy ending, as they commented, “The drama didn’t end satisfyingly. I want more!“, “Our dreams grew along with the drama. It was heartwarming“, “I was sad that the ending was too abrupt“, “Make a season 2!“.

“Dream High” truly demonstrated the importance of ‘dreaming high’, as all the characters thought that fulfilling their dreams was impossible at first. But they kept at it, and finally got to live happily in the end.

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