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Descendants Of The Sun "Happy Ending Or Sad Ending?!"

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Ok. I dunno where to start. But... some of DOTS fans keep asking me about the ending since EP04. Guys~ EP04 ok! Its happened because some of info has been leaked.

At first I dont like to think about the ending. Because its to early to talk about it. Why dont we just enjoy the ride Descendants Of The Sun story? So, with only 2 episodes left I tried my best to write something regarding to all the questions. Remember... This is just my opinion.

Still remember in episode 3 when Yoo Shi Jin gave Kang Mo Yeon white pebbles?

"YSJ: People of Urk believe that if they take the pebbles from this beach, they will be able to come back here for sure.

KMY: You just lied, didn't you. If what you said were true, you think there will still be pebbles left here? They would have been all gone.

YSJ: The people who came back must have put the pebbles back to their rightful place."

I believe white pebbles represent good fortune. So, I try search on google about pebbles. I found something interesting might be could relate with Yoo Shi Jin and Kang Mo Yeon. It's about penguins and pebble proposals.

Check it out the image below:

According to the “Observations on Animal Behaviour” blog “During courtship, the male will present the female with a pebble as a gift. If the female accepts the generous gift, they bond and mate for life. These pebbles hold considerable value and they are also symbols of affection toward a mate. It’s actually quite touching that he would give one away when he’s fighting ferociously to defend his pebbles.”
On the other sources "Aqua Marine Life" site said "Humans give flowers and candy when impressing a lady. Penguins give rocks. Not just any rocks, though — male Gentoo penguins search through piles of pebbles to find the smoothest, most perfect ones. When a penguin has selected his pebble, he presents it to his intended companion. If she approves, she puts the stone in her nest and the two are well on their way to becoming mommy and daddy birds. Pebbles are so important to the penguins that males often fight over the prettiest selections."

Remember in episode 6 when Yoo Shi Jin returned to Korea? He's going camping alone. While sitting, Yoo Shi Jin take out the pebbles from his pocket and stare for awhile. He think about what Kang Mo Yeon told him before.

"KMY: Here. I think you have a better chance. See if... you can really come back."

In episode 12 before Kang Mo Yeon going back to Korea, she met Yoo Shi Jin.  Yoo Shi Jin give her back the pebbles and Kang Mo Yeon was shocked. She's didnt believe Yoo Shi Jin kept that pebbles all the times.

KMY: Have you kept this all this time?

During that time she remember what Yoo Shi Jin told her.

YSJ: The local people believe that you can return here... if you take a stone from this beach. Here you go. It's your time to see... if it works.

So its KMY turns to keep the pebbles. ^^

In episode 13, before Alpha team going back to Korea. The wreck ship, beach and pebbles appears. Seems like hints for us regarding this place and the pebbles. I think they really going back to Urk later. And if anyone of you still remember during the interview with Kim Ji Won said that a couple will not meet for so long? I think its Yoo Shi Jin and Kang Mo Yeon.

The pebbles really symbolic for Descendants Of The Sun. And I still believe the pebbles just like Yoo Shi Jin and Kang Mo Yeon.

And of course I did not forget about Argus. Argus quotes always hooked me. I dont think even he's die his quotes also 'die'. He really mean it. Remember in episode 10 he said this to Kang Mo Yeon?

"Argus: You know you're with a dangerous man, right? There's more chance of getting hurt, being around a guy with a gun."

In episode 11 once again, Argus remind Kang Mo Yeon.

"Argus: Now, how many times have I told you? You're more likely to get shot... being around a guy with a gun. No. Big Boss. He's smart, funny... and mysterious. But... he has a lot of secrets. He'll disappear from time to time. He'll be hard to contact. And then, one day... He'll never come back."

So, at this rate I keep thinking there will be a scene where Yoo Shi Jin going to disappear for another mission and at this time, he possibly got seriously injured.

In episode 12, US Special Forces told Yoo Shi Jin: No matter what Yoo Shi Jin have to stay alive.

"US Special Forces: Big Boss. Even if I never see you again, you stay alive. You stay well."

Yes, I do agree with him. Yoo Si Jin have to still alive no matter what. This is about Yoo Shi Jin. Don't you think writernim love to use scenes and quotes as her hints?

I still remember Yoo Shi Jin said "You wouldn't leave me to die. I'm a man who's great at his work. It's included in my work that I don't get myself killed." So I keep his words from now.

So far,  I really enjoy the loveline of this drama now. The plot is very simple. Is about Yoo Shi Jin and Kang Mo Yeon. The love between soldier and doctor. His and her love story. The writernim just create another conflicts to their love story to make it interesting.

The ending, Yoo Shi Jin and Kang Mo Yeon will meet again in Urk because Kang Mo Yeon keep the pebbles now. Kang Mo Yeon still have faith in Yoo Shi Jin. Both of them trust each other. That's why I say Kang Mo Yeon will back to Urk and she will find the answer. I hope she will return to the beach and Yoo Shi Jin is there. I know, Its time for her to see... if it works. I mean the legendary story that Yoo Shi Jin told her before.

Nah~ let's hope for happy ending.

If sad ending. I understand perspective view of writernim. Sobss~

In episode 4 when Kang Mo Yeon and Yoo Shi Jin had a fight. Yoo Shi Jin once said,

YSJ: It was not because of you. Do you think I agreed to this to save a woman? Do you remember... my gunshot wound on the day we first met? One of my superiors told me this on my first day... as a Captain of the Special Forces. "Soldiers always live with a shroud on. When you die in a nameless land for the sake of your country the place of your death becomes your grave and your uniform becomes your shroud. This should be your mindset whenever you put on your uniform. If you have put it on with such mindset be honourable at every moment. There is no reason to fall short." And I gave my life to him. That gunshot wound is from the battle. No matter how big or small, all my decisions include my comrades honour, glory and their call to duty. That particular situation was the same for me. I have made a decision based on all those things and I do not regret my decision. However, that cannot cover up the fact that I violated the military law. Things of the military will be taken care of within ourselves. And that means you will let it be, Dr. Kang.

That's what I thoughts. What about you guys?!

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'Descendants Of The Sun' Phone Lock Screen & Wallpaper Part 1

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