Friday, May 1, 2015

Storyaboutagirl Part 1: Struggling

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Happy holiday to all Malaysian. 

Terbaca one of Singaporean girl wrote this: 

"Struggling. We are all struggling. We've all been broken. From struggles unspoken. We all have battles to fight. No one sees these wars we face, every day, every night. Only He does. Only He knows. Our battlefields are different; designed according to our capabilities. He knows you are stronger than you think, so He gifts you calamities. These are gifts - blessings in disguise. Be thankful for the pain that made you stronger, made you wise. He knows you are trying. How much you've been crying. He wants you closer. Elevate your rank as a believer. But sometimes when you've been trying to be too strong for too long, you softly break, & fall. Till you realize you don't got it all. This pain is necessary for you to grow. This fall is exactly what you need to push you so hard till your forehead touches ground, till your eyes are wet with tears, & you whisper - 'I cannot do this on my own'. After all these years you've fought your battles & survived, not because you are strong. But because He's your strength all along. So continue to seek strength from Him & be brave. Only in the remembrance of Him will you be safe. He afflicts you with trials because He loves you. Soldier on and He will help you through. With every hardship there is relief. This quiet struggle will be brief. This life is transient. This world is but a moment. & we are all but mere servants, sojourners, travelers... on a journey back Home." 

May Allah bless us di hari Jumaat penghulu segala hari. InsyaAllah. Amin.

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