Friday, February 25, 2011

Dream High Going To End

Posted by storyaboutagirl at 4:22 PM

hi... this is me again.

whoaa... what a cold day today. hujan start turun petang dah dekat nak seminggu cenggini & i think february is a cool month.~ kekeke...~♥

ahh... ok i'm stuck here. cannot do may work anymore. (damn kantoi!!) maybe still dreaming about "Dream High" ahh... finally this drama going to end of 28 february. ahhh... kejapnye. this show is absolutely genius. the episode start with low ratings but after all its maintain.
for me each episodes will make us face one by one characters to make us know them better. ah... it's killing me~ and now we are closer to the finale?

i love when jin gook, hyemi, samdong, baekhee, jason & pilsuk together. they're so cute!!! they know how to make my feelings mixed up. kihkihkih... sometimes i think they're trying to bring up some
conflicts but the end what can i said "ah... ok fine. just let it be. i'm just going watching and watching as long i'm enjoyed it!~". ^_^

but the question is... who's could be "K"?

whatever it is i'm sure they've will leave good memories for you. ~♥

Dream High~~ Hwaiting!! ^_^


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