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Storyaboutagirl Part 4: My Project For Malaysian ELF

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Hi. ^^ Annyeong. Ok today i would like to update about my personal project for KPOP. Ahh... actually im a biggest fan of Super Junior. (>‿◠)✌ This is my second time collaborated with Malaysia ELF fanbase. Thank you for giving me chances to do this. Really appreciate it !! ^^

Why suddenly me update this? Because i miss them. WHO? SUPER JUNIOR. You know what... NO Super Show 6 in Malaysia. Im so sad. (╥︣﹏᷅╥᷅) I miss to take part buat fanproject again. Yeah its been a long time. 2 years already since last show here 23rd November 2015. (Sorry im still didnt update about the SS5 in Malaysia in my blog since i was so busy) Facepalm. (>.<)

Ok. Forget about it. Mugkin later aku update about SS5 in Malaysia yg dah 2 tahun tu. 
( ◡́.◡̀)
Ok. First aku nampak one of Japanese ELF update her blog about Malaysian ELF project ni. You guys can visit her blog here ---> マレーシアELF.
 I was so freaking excited !! Thank you sebab update about Malaysian ELF project. (❛‿❛✿̶̥̥). At first i was afraid this project akan FAILED because donation tak banyak. But who knows we really make it happen !! Nahhh~ finally we managed sending congratulatory cake to SUKIRA on 11th September 2014. ❤(ˆ‿ˆ )

Bawah ni design cake tu. Reason why me design camtu?

1. First time Super Junior Super Show 2 concert in Malaysia is on 20th March 2010 and that was watched by 15 000 fans. 👍(≖‿‿≖👍)

2. I want to bring back the memories where the boys wearing fuzzy animal hats masa tu. Since they really love animals kan? Even kt Twitter sometimes pon fight pasal animal. So here we go...~

Every member represent

Horse - Siwon
Fish - Donghae
Monkey - Eunhyuk
Giraffe - Ryeowook
Rabbit - Sungmin
Turtle - Yesung
Kangaroo - Kyuhyun
Duck - Leeteuk
Racon - Kangin
Cat - Heechul
Bear - Shindong

And I also sempat prepare last minute msg to Super Junior. Ye la. Takkan nak hantar cake kosong je kan? 

Our message to Super Junior:

안녕.^^ 사랑하는 슈퍼주니어 오빠들 에게. 7집 ì»´ë°± 축하합니다! 오빠들 무대 위에 다시 볼수있어서 너무 신나고 행복합니다. 슈퍼주니어 역시 짱이다! 계속 연에인돌라서 가는건 쉽지 안하요. 대신 우리 ELF 모두 오빠들 끝까지 응원할껍니다! 슈퍼쇼6 열심히하고 100  콘서트에 총까지 하셨어 축하합니다! 자랑스러운  오빠들 바로 KPOP의 가장 영향력있는 아티스트 입니다. LOVE AND HUG 말레이시아에 팬의 사랑과 허그 받아주면 좋씁니다! 슈퍼주니어 파이팅!

Annyeong. ^^ Dear Super Junior, congratulations for your 7JIB comeback.  We are so happy and excited to see you on the stage again. You guys are  so amazing ! It’s not easy to keep the title of entertainer idol. ELFs will stay till the end and will always support you guys. All the best for Super Show 6 and congratulations for hit a total of 100 concerts for Super Show series. We  are so proud because Super Junior is one of the most influential artists in KPOP history. Malaysia ELF love you always! Love and hug from Malaysian ELF. FIGHTING !! ♥

This project for Malaysian ELF. For Super Junior too. Even Super Junior tak selalu datang ke Malaysia but they are always in our heart. Even byk group KPOP yg muncul lately. Super Junior always be our no.1.
Just like our uri leader said: 
"Our group is like wild grass even if people step on us, we will also try our very best to survive & grow." - Leeteuk -

For me even aku support other KPOP group bila bab Super Junior mmg lebih sikit. Banyak bende yg aku kagum about Super Junior.

I cant deny one day maybe aku akan tinggalkan dunia KPOP. Tapi...

Just like someone once said: 
"I will definitely leave KPOP one day but I can still see myself visiting Korea and DBSJYJ's business. They will always be a part of me." 

And I agree with it. ^^ 

A big thanks to Sugarberrys dari Korea yg sudi siapkan cake ni jadi real cake.~ ♥

Neomu neomu kamsahaeyo to fanbase Malaysia ---> Malaysia ELF and one of KPOP's shop in Malaysia ---> Coolstyledream Shop. Without them this wont happen.

Tak lupa to all that donate thank you for your love and supports. We really appreciate it~ Again... Thank you so much for your support. Without all of you sure we cannot make this project success !!Ù©(๑•◡-๑)Û¶ⒽⓤⒼ❤ 

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