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Not Every Fans Can Be Called As ELF (Please Take Time To Read)

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Those who like Super Junior can be called fans of Super Junior, but not every fans can be called as ELF.
Every Super Junior fans like the 13 guys that shine on stage with their performances, but every Elfs know that behind those brilliant performances, there are lots of tears and sweat.

Every Elfs know that our tough looking angel teuk, Pak Jung Soo, is using every second, every minute he has to care and love the 12 younger brothers. He, who is the leader of a group of 13 people, has huge pressure but he still walk with his beloved members with the lovely smile. He hides the real him and show us the best side of Lee Teuk every day, he hides all his pain and do his best in every performances. Please, love our Lee Teuk, our Jung Soo as much.

Every Elfs know that our princess from Mars, the prettiest princess, Kim Hee Chul, who wears the funny joker mask and be funny, is a tough guy deep inside. After that car accident, in order to prevent himself from fainting, he nearly snapped his tongue off. And he was still trying his very best to smile at the camera with blood running off his face. He is an emotional person, and cares about his members, his fans, but he only shows us the happy side of him. Please, love our princess, our Hee Chul as much.

Every Elfs know that there was a time when our strong Han Geng felt helpless. He went to Korea with nothing, no friends, no money, all he had was the dream of being a successful idol. There was a time when our Han Geng felt hurt when he had to wear the mask to go on stage. We went through all this with him, and although he is not with us now, please still support him and love our Han Geng as much.

Every Elfs know that our Jong Woon, who has a beautiful voice given by God, tries his best to act funny in programs. But in real life, he has a fine emotion and is touched easily. He has the comforting voice that smooths everything and sings with his life. He cares about his members without saying it out loud, his love is from the heart and we all know this. Please, love our Yesung, our Jong Woon as much.

Every Elfs know that our Kang In, who has the nicest smile with the cute eye smile, gave up his powerful background, put down himself and trained so hard that he lost 30kg in just a month and a half. Our Kang In, our Young Woon, love all his members and fans so much that making this decision must be very hard for him. He has faith in us, and his brothers, although we can’t see him for a while, but as he has promised, he will come back with all his 12 brothers. Please don’t forget him and love our Kang In, our Young Woon as much.

Every Elfs know that our Shin Dong, had always been thinking of quitting Super Junior because of his image. But we should always remember how amazing his dance is and how much effort did he put in all performances and raps. Always remember how hard he tries with his hyeongs in all the funny performances in Strong Heart. Please wish him good luck with his girl friend and still love our Shin Dong as much.

Every Elfs know that our little cutie Sung Min, who looks soft and needs care is a very tough man. He never cries in front of us even during the end of year ceremony. He lent his shoulders to his members and comfort them, but he hide himself off stage and cry by himself. Our Sung Min is always smiling and hiding the manly image behind. Our Sung Min is the middle of 13 people, cares about his younger brothers and loving his elder brothers. Please, love our Sung Min as much.

Every Elfs know that our dancing king Hyuk Jae, always impressing everyone with his fantastic dance is a easily touched man who cries easily. He gave up so many chances to debt just to be with his best mate, and fortunately they are both very famous in different groups. Our Hyuk Jae who loves all his members and hates even thinking of the idea of being separated from them, put everything in every performances. Please, love our Eun Hyuk, our Hyuk Jae as much.

Every Elfs know that our little princess Dong Hae practiced endlessly for the best performance to show us and his beloved father who rest in peace in Heaven. Every performance of our Dong Hae is the best gift for his dad and he tries his best to make everyone proud of him. He is still the pure child deep inside who needs care and love, but he acts to be strong and happy all the time so we won’t need to worry about him. Please, love our Dong Hae as much.

Every Elfs know that our gentleman Si Won tried everything to convince his dad to let him be an idol, the job he wanted the most. How hard Si Won tired in order for him to be on stage with his members. Pray for him to have good health and get well soon as we should all be able to imagine how big the pressure is on them to make our strongest Si Won to be not well. Please always pray for him and love our Si Won as much.

Every Elfs know that our shy Ryeo Wook lost weight in an extremely short time because of the hard work. He changed from a shy boy to a man that makes in all the singing and dancing parts perfectly. Even in the foreign country that speaks a different language, he tried his best to learn and speak the language as quickly as possible in order to communicate with his fans. Please, remember what our Ryeo Wook has done for us and love him as much.

Every Elfs know that our Ki Bum, who is very quiet, loves his elder brothers and Kyu Hyun with all his heart. When he received the text from Ryeo Wook in America, he was crying as he was so touched. Although our Ki Bum can’t be with us, he is doing great on the road he chose and we should all wish him a successful future with Super Junior or on his own. Please, don’t forget him and love our Ki Bum as much.

Every Elfs know that our youngest member Kyu Hyun, who is being loved by all his elder brothers and Elfs was so close to never returning. It was his own faith and the love from his members that brought him back to us. He hides so much pain and tears from us but don’t forget how hard he tried to be able to come back. He was performing with his members just after he recovered and we should always be thankful of having him as one of Super Junior’s member. Please, love our Kyu Hyun as much.

Because we are Elfs, when people criticise or even insulate our oppas, we can’t say anything as we don’t want people to think Elfs are rude which will bring lots of troubles to our oppas.

Because we are Elfs, when the whole world leaves Super Junior, we will leave the world and be with Super Junior without doubting.

Elfs, live everyday with smile, use your biggest smile to show them your love.
We will have a bright future as there will be you and me with the 13 oppas we love the most in the sapphire world. No matter when,what we will shout in unison. “
We Are E.L.F!”

Promi15e to 13elieve, Guide the remaining 12 , Protect the missing 3.

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