Monday, August 22, 2011

Super Junior Wins Inkigayo

Posted by Suraya Hani at 2:10 AM

Today’s Winner

Super Junior - Mr. Simple

Congrats my boys! I'm happy because today is BIG DAY for Super Junior. Well when it's all about FIVE!! I think you guys all ready know. ^^ Yeah... Congrats Super Junior! BTW i love to see them wearing black & white suit. ouh happy b'day too for kibum.~♥

Saranghaeyo~ =D

But wait aaa... after watching this for 3rd times i feel something wrong. Hm.. what happen to Eunhyuk? I can see at 0:30. Is he tearing? Is it something bothering him? He doesn't look happy. Is he okay?! Where is Siwon sshi?! Always disappear. T_T

after searching everywhere i found the answer. Eunhyuk, Yesung and Donghae coz they injured in Dream Team! OMO... get well soon. please take care guys! T_T

[110822 DT] Summary, Donghae sprained his ankle, EunHyuk injured his arm, and Yesung injured his waist. (cr : @EverLastingFans)

another version:
  • All the participants had a relay match, Eunhyuk was second from the last, and Donghae was the last baton; After Eunhyuk passed the baton with ease, he stood behind and watched Donghae carefully;
  • Donghae fell and hurt his leg; He went to the back to receive treatment for his legs, Eunhyuk stayed by his side and they didn’t participate in the recording;
  • Eunhyuk also received treatment for his arm, seems like he injured it too;
  • Yesung fell off the platform at the first challenge, he lay in the soup bubbles for over 2 minutes, it seems like he knocked his waist and leg on the platform, the staff had to support him out of the container, he was seen grimacing and some fans actually cried out;
  • The platform for the second challenge actually BROKE~!
  • Staff are forbidding fans from taking pictures.
Via: @villaBUBU & @楓葉之國的bb兔 の weibo~!
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