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Super Junior 5th Anniversary Party

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Donghae: “What does Eunhyuk mean to Donghae?” (A question from ELF)

Leeteuk: Eunhyuk is Donghae’s…..

Donghae: Um…it can’t be expressed in words

Leeteuk: Oh Siwon, what’s up?

Siwon: What about me?

Leeteuk: Donghae, it’s time to make your decision. To our ELF…Siwon, please sit here. If we look into many fan sites…(NOISE).. Please pay attention~ Eunsihae couple, the relationships among three of you are very complicated~ It is different from KanTeuk. (SCREAM) So, to celebrate our 5th anniversary, let’s listen to Donghae’s thought about the relationships. In Donghae’s heart, who should it be…Siwon or Eunhyuk? His choice is…

Siwon: Let me say something.

Leeteuk: Sure, Eunhyuk, both of you two say something for the last.

Eunhyuk: Siwon, are you worrying? Eunhae is real! (SCREAM)

Leeteuk: So, that’s Eunhyuk’s comment. Siwon, are you worrying, the phase ‘Eunhae is real’ is out. What do you think?

Siwon: For me, I will just say the reality. Eunhyuk doesn’t have the ability to take care of Donghae, but I can.

Leeteuk: OK, Siwon said that he can take the responsibility. So finally, Donghae’s choice is….

Eunhyuk: You will treat him (Donghae) as a housewife!

Donghae: Shall I just go to die to end this up…

ELFs shout: Lee hyukjae X3

LT: Close your eyes, two of you.

Donghae: (Standing at the back) Is this important?


Donghae: We are members from the same group.

Leeteuk: ELFs like this very much. They even use this topic to compose novels, right?

ELF: Yes.

Leeteuk: They like this very much. They will compose novels again after Kangin discharge from the army. Young-woon~~ (SCREAM) So, Donghae’s choice is……3,2,1!!

Donghae chooses Siwon, Eunhyuk walks away, Donghae tries to fetch him back.

Donghae: I don’t mean so….we are really good friends.

Eunhyuk runs to Siwon and hugs him.

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