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The 2009 drama came to an end with the shooting of Lee Byung Hun’s character, ‘Kim Hyun Joon,’ and left viewers blind to the identity of his shooter. The “IRIS” series was recently re-delivered in a 2-hour film version, which held concise cuts of scenes from the drama’s 20 episodes. In a shocking twist, Kim So Yeon’s character, ‘Kim Sun Hwa,’ was revealed to be the sniper.

Sun Hwa was a member of ‘IRIS,’ a secret worldwide organization aimed at keeping status quo between warring nations. She was revealed to be working under North Korean rogue general, ‘Yeon Ki Hoon’ (played by Choi Jong Hwan ) who also belonged to ‘IRIS’. The theater version of the story was edited so that ‘Yeon Ki Hoon’ had survived, although he was killed in the actual drama. Sun Hwa’s affections for Hyun Joon in the drama was played up to be a sort of act in the film version.

Kim So Yeon’s continued appearance in the spin-off drama, “Athena“, has spotlighted further attention on her identity as Lee Byung Hun’s killer, since she is now a character that holds the key that has turned the story in a totally different direction.

Representatives of “Athena” had previously stated that Kim Sun Hwa would connect “IRIS” and “Athena,” making viewers wonder how her identity in “IRIS” would be explained in “Athena.” Park Cheol Young (played by Kim Seung Woo), was also killed in the film version, but he is expected to be making a special appearance in “Athena,” further adding curiosity to the overall plot.

The IRIS spin-off, “Athena” will debut though SBS from December 13th.

ahhh... i hate to see this~ after watching IRIS 20 episodes and make me cried why they revealed her as the killer?! why? why? why?!


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