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Safety Measures To Make You Feel Safe While On A Trip In Korea

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The South Korean government has plans to draw some 16 million foreign tourists by 2017. It’s generally really safe while traveling in Korea, but incidents are likely to increase with the spike in tourist numbers, and this will no doubt paint a negative image of the country. But numerous safety measures are already in place to minimize such occurrences.

SOS booth designed to be a shelter for people fleeing from danger have been installed in various locations around downtown Seoul. The invention of smartphones has led to such phone booths losing their relevance, but they have now been converted into SOS booths that can offer shelter and facilities like withdrawal of money.

The booth is also equipped with a closed-circuit TV. The booths can shut themselves at the push of a button and sound out alarms, they come with WIFI too.

There’s also a night-time escort program for women, which was specially created for women who are returning home late at night. One simply has to call 120, 30 minutes prior to arrival at a bus or subway station near the destination. A team of two scouts will then appear to escort you home safely between the hours of 10PM and 1 in the morning.

You might encounter situations where you might need to take a taxi at night. If you don’t feel safe, you can use the NFC Taxi Safety Service. There’s a NFC chip behind the front seat, and you can use your NFC-enabled phone to scan the boarding time, taxi company name, taxi number, and location coordinates, to be sent to designated contacts.

With services like these around, doesn’t it make you feel safer while on your travels in Korea?

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