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[NEWS] MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2013

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The name EXO is derived from EXOPLANET, a term denoting planets outside of the Solar System. The 12-member group, which formed in 2011, is separated into two subgroups at the onset - EXO-K (Korean) and EXO-M (Mandarin), and was created with a great aspiration to captivate audiences all around the world starting from Korea and China.

EXO-K and EXO-M released their first singles “MAMA” and “History” in both Korean and Mandarin in March and April on the same dates and times last year, debuting in Korea and China simultaneously. Since last year, EXO won several newcomer awards, including the “Best New Asian Artist Group”. Notably, EXO-M received the “Most Popular Band”, “Most Popular Group” and “Best Dressed” at Top Chinese Music Awards 2013. EXO-M also received the “Popularity Award” at the 13th Annual Billboard Music Festival.

In June this year, EXO released their first official album XOXO, with lead single “Wolf” where all 12 members appeared on stage and produced an exhilarating visualization and jaw-grabbing performance. “Wolf” has since sold a million copies worldwide and is also EXO’s first number one song in Korea and their first song to hit a triple crown across all three of Korea’s major free-to-air broadcast stations.

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