Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dear Haters !

Posted by Suraya Hani at 12:21 AM
Honestly ... there are many differences between the MUSIC talents in our local industry and South Korea ...

Dear Korean-Music-Antis.

In Malaysia, singers are born with talent but in S.Korea, talent is not necessary is born but can be polish. Management company in S.Korea invest for their singer-to-be (but still proud of Dato' Siti) but here, the viewers/fans invest by voting (different outcomes and also proud of Hafiz from Akademi Fantasia, Faizal Tahir from One in a Million and lots more). In S.Korea, awards given based own album/single sales but in our place awards given by a group of judging committees (just to mention a few).

There are pro and cons you know. Have you ever heard the Kpop idol singing a ballad song or RnB or Jazz or Rock song? I mean not as a group but as solo? Of course you never have interest in them because you had 'that' kind of mindset about them.

Yes, not all members in a Kpop group can sing very well. Even sometimes they need to lip-syncing because of the promotional activities that they need to sing everyday/hours and need to be synchronized with difficult dance step. Some people say they play music hardly and that Kpop group just simply dance like this like that. Do you forget that dancing is one branch of art? Do you think that only you who play and practice music hardly and dancing is just like how you dance in a club? Have you ever been inject with IV because you suffered from fatigue? And you say they are plastic and hypocrite. Are you not? So in our place there is no BOTOX, no VIT C injection?

Korean artists need to listen to their management, not being involved in any scandal and showing good image to public (even if some of them are different than who they are in public), if you call this being hypocrite. Some of our artists did not want to care their words/minds/thoughts just because they did not want to be hypocrite. And yes, mostly the Korean managements are very demanding, demand to be exclusive etc. It is because they have invested lots of money for them like for trainers and instructors, composers and lyricists (some of them are internationally). Sorry, the managements are not investing their money for their luxury needs in trainee days (training to become artists that even took almost 10 years) but for enhancing their skills, health not only for singing career but also MCing, variety, acting, dancing skills etc. These unconfirmed-singers work their ass off even knowing that they might not be selected to debut at certain time and some actually involve in a slavery contract.

To that particular person please don't ever complains about cannot get married because the non-fans of yours are not supporting/buying your albums etc. You should have improve your own music to grab our ears to love your music. Please use your mind to attract us by creativity, do not use your mouth to incite and blame on other peoples' hard work.

Our system is different from that country so don't blabbering out of nowhere saying that we like Korean music totally because of looks! So why there is Huhgak (ballad) or even Psy (Pop), Kim Taewoo (RnB) etc. In S.Korea, it is not just music that you call K-pop are exist.

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