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[Review] 2012 Asia Super Showcase In Malaysia

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Malaysian ELF had the time of their lives at the “2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia“. The concert attracted around 8000 fans to the concert venue, Kenanga Wholesale City Mall on the 11th of December 2012. Fans were already fanchanting to Super Junior-M’s music videos being played before the concert started.

The Asia Super Showcase also featured 2 of 2012’s rookies as guest artists, BtoB and EXO-M. Kickstarting the show, BtoB put up an amazing performance of  7 songs, including ‘Insane’, ‘Irresistible Lips’ and ‘Wow’, Despite having a little technical error at the end of one of their songs, Btob still continued performing until the end without audio. Members of BtoB said Malaysia was a beautiful country and leader Eunkwang mention that he was so happy that the response for them in Malaysia was great. Member Peniel also added that BtoB would definitely come back again, not just to perform but to also explore and enjoy Malaysia’s sceneries.

Next up was SM’s new boy group, EXO-M, who undoubtly already had large following in Malaysia despite only debuting for 8 months. EXO-M showcased a flawless performance of ‘History’ before serenading the fans with ‘Angel’. Malaysian EXO fans also got to experience the rarely performed ‘What Is Love’, a song only performed twice ever since EXO’s debut.  Member Lay complimented Malaysians for being able to understand so many languages and said he was very impressed. The boys ended their segment with a powerful performance of their hit song ‘MAMA’ before handing over the stage to Super Junior M.

Fans were already more than hyped up for Super Junior-M, who finally appeared on stage for their first song ‘Super Girl’. Malaysian ELF lighted up the concert venue, a dazzling Pearl Sapphire Blue, with the Super Junior official fancolor lightsticks.

Members Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Donghae, Zhoumi, Henry and Ryeowook, greeted the fans in Chinese and Malay and also didn’t fail to mention how much they missed Malaysian ELF. Unfortunately, member Siwon was unable to come due to clash of filming schedules in Korea, but he prepared a video message for the fans!

The energy from the sea of fans was escalating with every song Super Junior-M performed, including ‘ At least I have you’, ‘Love doesn’t come alone’, ’Lost’ and ‘Destiny’.

Well known as entertainment idols, Super Junior-M did not fail to impress with their never-ending fanservice, showering their fans with love and hearts. The host tested the members on their general knowledge of Malaysia by playing a game of ‘Guess the fruit’, causing much laughter from the crowd.

The night ended with ‘Too Perfect’, which was exactly the correct word to summarize the night. Super Junior-M went to the corners of the stage before bowing and thanking all the fans that came to see them. Member Henry even came running out with the Malaysian flag!

All Pictures courtesy of organizer Marcentesia. would like to thank organizer Marctensia for the invitation to review the concert!

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