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2NE1 Confirmed Coming To Malaysia?!

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[INFO] 2NE1 - Facebook Live Chat Highlights!
  • The MC expressed how much she loves “I Am The Best” and she did a little part and CL said “Go Girl~!” kkkk
  • Bom sang a part of I Love You :)
  • CL says meeting the fans is more important than talking about being tired due to traveling
  • BOM: “I have a facebook too, a private one..nobody knows.” CL: “Not so private now”
  • When away for overseas events, Dara uses facebook to communicate with her family. Dara’s sister- Durami would send her pictures of Dadoong!
  • New Evolution Tour confirmed for Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore (Dates TBA)
  • A fan was asking for an advice since she got into Berkelee aswell and Bom attended Berkelee, Bom: “Advice? i don’t even know myself…work hard..just dream about yourself. believe in yourself”
  • Dara says she really enjoys acting, but she won’t be doing any projects related to it anytime soon. Focusing 2NE1 is her plan at the moment
  • CL said she had no talent in the beginning, that she can’t hit notes, can’t dance…. and the girls had this look of “what are you talking about?!?!” XD
  • They asked Minzy about her ideal man
  • The MC got confused with the 2NE1 MVs eventually getting some parts wrong and CL asked her “Are you really our fan?”
  • Minzy dancing I Am The Best! “Bamratata” parts ^^
  • Artists they like? CL- Queen, Minzy-Michael Jackson, Dara - Britney Spears, Bom - Mariah Carey
  • CL loves Mexican food, and NY Pizza. Dara loves korean food,.. Bom loves……………..CORN!
  • The host said that her mom would get mad at her for getting tan and such (and also implied that 2NE1 are so pale and beautiful),  CL said: “You’re beautiful, and you don’t have to worry about it”
  • They were asked about BIGBANG x 2NE1shippings and pairings…CL responded with: “They’re like our brothers you know? So it’s like every time someone asks us, ‘Who do you like the most in Big Bang?’, it’s like asking us “Do you like your brother in a weird way?..”
Source: 2NE1 Facebook Live Chat
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