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[IMPORTANT] Tutorial To Vote SJ At ABPBH 2011 & How To Get A Bonus Code

Posted by Suraya Hani at 4:50 PM
Hello to all Malaysian E.L.F as well as International E.L.F

Super Junior is nominated at Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH) 2011 for category Artis/Selebriti Asia Paling Popular (Asia’s Most Popular Artist/Celebrities).

We seek your help to vote for Super Junior at this category. You have to be connected with Facebook [ (1 FACEBOOK ACC = 5 TIMES VOTES) means that you can vote 5 times with 1 fb acc !!! ]

The voting event will begin at 14th January 2012 - 15th March 2012.

You can vote once a day but if you have more than one Facebook account, please vote by using different windows such as firefox, google etc.

Click this link to vote

ABPBH 2011

if you cant here -»>

This website is in Malay, so here are the tutorial on how to vote (if you’re not understand Malay).

YOU CAN VOTE 5 times with your FB acc!!

okey, we have informed you regarding Super Junior’s nomination at Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH) 2011 for Artis/Selebriti Asia Paling Popular (Asia’s Most Popular Artist/Celebrity).

You have to log in through Facebook account to make your but the rules change a bit. Now, you must have the Bonus Code which is you can get from Berita Harian newspaper[MALAYSIAN NEWSPAPER] but some of you might face difficulties to get the Bonus Code.

So, we decided to share the Bonus Code at our private group on FB! to make you easy to vote for SJ. PLS add or so we can invite you to our private group. Note that ELF only!

-who can get the bonus code pls vote for them ASAP! especially MalaysianELF!

- the code is equal to 5 times votes and the code is only available for the one day.

So, we will tell you guys later about the FB group. WE afraid others will steal it and vote other than SJ!

How to vote and redeem the Bonus Code?

1- Visit

2- Click to the link “Undilah”

3- If this is your first time log in to the page, please connect to your Facebook first and on top of the page, click “klik disini” as shown in the photo below

4- Submit the Bonus Code as shown in the photo below

5- After submitted the Bonus Code, continue to vote for SJ.

6- here the video if you still cant understand about 5 times vote after submit the bonus code.

sorry bad quality video :(

but i still want to post it!

Any inquiries, tweet us or msg at our tumblr.


*we will inform if there any changes.

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