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[INTERVIEW] Super Junior, "Life is not one shot"

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This year, the field of K-pop was hotter than ever before. Popular idol groups went beyond Asia to rule the whole world including Europe and South America. Talented vocalists shook South Korea. Although everyone was successful, some people were definitely “more” hotter. OSEN K-pop team selected five “Hot People” teams who made the field of K-pop sizzling this year and will interview each team starting on December 26. The first team is Super Junior who was the fourth most talked about singer on Twitter and who is the most searched group in Asia.

Super Junior, staying true to its name became the top group this year. They sold the most albums in Korea and their music video was watched by most people than any other K-pop singer’s music video, and they were the most searched group in Asia. Since there were so many good news this year, they are all smiles. Among all their achievements, leader Leeteuk said he is most happy about being acknowledged in South Korea.

“To be honest, we felt a little bit sad. We are doing good work overseas, but we felt like people in Korea didn’t recognize that. But this year, we performed in Paris and as the popularity of K-pop received attention from the public, We think people became more interest in us also. We felt really happy.”

Super Junior released their fifth album “Mr. Simple” last September and sold total of 340K copies to become number one in 2011 album sales ranking. Their music video has over 30 million views making it the most watched K-pop music video of this year. They have truly become top class.

“Someone always said to me that life is one shot. But thinking back on it, I don’t think life is one shot. With Super Junior and with my personal life, various jabs have to be accumulated to become one shot in life. If you become successful too fast, you are forgotten more easily. I think, regardless of what I’m doing, if I collect “Jabs” consistently, it will explode sooner or later. I think that’s the secret to longevity.”

It has already been 6 years since the group debuted. In the beginning, there were many incidents, but now, Super Junior is working in every field including musicals, variety shows, dramas, and movies. It is thanks to the members who never gave up and who kept working hard.

“The management company and even we didn’t know we would be this successful. (Laugh) But when I think about it, we developed consistently. We always felt sad in December of every year because we thought we did better than the year before. We have really built ourselves step by step. I think that’s why we felt the greatest this year. Although we were so busy, not even one member became mad.”

Leeteuk chose the SM Town live concert that was held in Paris, France last June and the recently held concert in Osaka, Japan as the most memorable moments of this year.

“The concert in Paris was something that we never even imagined. We were really curious about who would come to Paris to see our concert and so many people came to the airport. When we went on a trip to Europe before, some people recognized us, but I didn’t know the popularity was to that extent. At that time, we gathered around at the hotel late at night and kept saying to each other that we are so happy.
(Laugh) I remember meeting a Korean who lives there. That person said he had a hard time in France but looking at how Korean singers are being loved, he felt really happy and cried. We were touched.”

Leeteuk can’t also forget about the concert in Osaka, Japan. Super Junior who did not do a separate promotion in Japan filled Kyocera dorm with 80K audiences in their two shows.

“All the members were trying hard not to cry during the opening. Everyone was shaking their lightsticks and cheering for us. I can’t forget about that wave even to this moment.”

We told Leeteuk to choose two or three most memorable moments, but Leeteuk chose five most memorable moments.

“I can’t also forget when the fifth album came out in Korea. Also, I remember the music video having the most views on Youtube. Can I choose ten most memorable moments? (Laugh)”

Super Junior who is planning to do a world tour next year is worried that time goes by so fast. With Leeteuk, the rest of Super Junior’s promotion feels more special to him because he has to enter the army next year.

“I think about how nice it would be to have more time. There will be times when the dongsaengs would need me. When I think about that, I feel sad. But I’m trying to do a lot of things before I enter the army. I especially want to meet many fans as possible. We are currently planning the tour. Super Junior is planning to work like crazy again next year.”

Source: OSEN
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