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[Please take some time to read. You can treat it as tl;dr but really I think you’ll learn a thing or two]

There are 2 ways to get tickets for SBS Gayo Dajun. The first is to apply for tickets from SBS, 2 tickets each for 300 people. Another way is to apply for tix from SME, 500 tickets in all.

At that time I did not get any tickets. So we decided to go queue up in the morning the next day. So I slept til 11am and when I got up, there was the news of SBS having already recorded SJ’s performance and there were only about 10 fans present as no one received any information. Neither the SBS or SM staff released any information. This is why when everyone was watching SJ’s “LIVE” on tv, it is so quiet. There is hardly any fanchants or sapphire blue ocean.

I was supposed to meet my friend at 4 but ended up at 2pm there was news that SBS wants to re-record. Thus we immediately grabbed our bags and left for the Gayo Dajun venue hoping that they will re-record. Over there, the other SM fans have already queues up. When queuing up we kept asking SM staff where should ELF queue at. The stuff ignored us and just said “just wait here will tell you later” but they never told us where we should queue. They even chatted with our artists’ fans until all the other fans have finished queuing then they told us to queue at the back.

They already handed out fan support items like towels, balloons headbands to other fans except ELF.

After entering, according to SM’s allocation we have 40 spaces less than that fanbase with the most seats. (???) Eventually ELF were all separated and were allocated into the little holes with other fanbases.

I can only say that yesterday, the most pitiful fans were ELF and if there were anyone who are more pitiful than ELF it is SJ.

Before the show, SBS staff came to say that SJ will come out last. (The ELF with me can vouch for this) but as everyone saw, it isn’t true. BEcause there isn’t any fansupport allocation, SBS only gave the normal light stick. There was only white yellow and red these three colours but when ELF realise that when the white light sticks glowed a light blue colour, they asked the staff if they could give us more white ones.

Perhaps in other circumstances this may seem a little childish but at that time, what everyone wanted was just so that they could see that ELF are working hard to give them support. At that time ELF were holding on to 3 light sticks, some even had 5.

From 6pm we saw a SM Special stage and after that SJ doesn’t appear. When it ended it was already 12:45 at night. Other than SJ’s opening dance and another performance of an already pre-recorded Mr Simple. The other times there were only a few of them sitting at the VIP area watching performances and playing within’ themselves. You can say that ELF stood there for 6+ hours and that doesn’t even include the queuing time and we only saw about 8 mins worth of performances. The other times we were just facing the vip area.

In the middle when it was intermission only SJ came out to greet ELF. Shindong even used his phone to take photos with fans.

I still don’t understand why they have to pre-record Mr Simple. SJ’s performances time isn’t much and they did not even appear at the end why must they pre-record.

When they were showing all the pre-recorded performances, non of the other artists came out to perform live for the fans. So at that time everyone was afraid that SJ would not appear but just show their performance on the screen. After that when we found out that they would be doing live, we screamed with all our might fueled by the whole nights’ frustrations.

It isn’t exaggerating when I say when SJ came out ELF’s screams were the loudest. Those who said that other people were helping us with fan chants, wake up. you will know when you were there. When we were screaming so loud, and because I was facing the side, I can see the reaction of the fans from a certain fanbase. All pointing at ELF and laughing. What’s so funny? When these things did not happen to you so you can just sit there and laugh at us.

Because we were all separated, and we don’t have the lighted hairbands which don’t even needed to be held up, nor the balloons which are easily recognisable nor the official towels and it was so crowded in the “holes” they allocted to us, we can only scream like crazy just hoping that they can see. Even if there were only 1 ELF there she would give them full support.

But what is the point? The pre-recording that was broadcasted on tv can’t be changed. What everyone saw infront of the tv is a live with no fanchants.

At the end, all the performers left the stage except SJ. Only SJ bowed down to all directions. Teuk,Hyukjae, Sungmin, Shindong, Ryeowook all came to bow and shake hands with people. My tears almost fell and that all these is worth is. They understand us and their hearts hurt for us. Their gaze as they did bows and hand-shakes can’t lie.

The k-ELF at the back kept shouting “SUPER JUNIOR LAST MAN STANDING!”

When it all ended it was late. But we have not eaten nor drank anything for the whole day. Many ELF were like this. And it was cold outside but there isn’t a train back. So a few of us went together to the convenience store to buy come hot drinks and packed porridge then went to a friend’s dorm. The first thing is to rewatch all the videos.

When I heard the totally quiet(no fanchants) clips I really cannot take it and cried myself into a mess. Quoting my friend “”This sort of performance where there are no people who appreciate.What is the point?”

This is also the reason for SJ’s tweets which everyone saw.

I will not write about the other small details. But I believe these would be enough.

ELF… I can only say this. To stan SJ is the right choice. Love them well. They are really worth it.

SBS Gayo Dajun Account.


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