Friday, October 7, 2011

Suzy Sings "Goodbye Heechul" On 'Radio Star'

Posted by storyaboutagirl at 8:30 AM


Goodbye Heechul goodbye
Just turn around and go to bootcamp
Don’t say a word
Now it’s time for you to disappear
Heechul goodbye

You’re too old to be my ‘oppa’
But you insisted on being called one
I should have known
When you persisted
Asking to take pictures together

You can tell them you’re a friend of mine
Don’t worry
I even signed some photos
So don’t worry no more

Goodbye Heechul goodbye
It’s been fun
I’ll pretend that you and I are close
So it’s time to say goodbye

No more need to call you ‘oppa’
‘Uncle’, goodbye

The last line of the song "‘Uncle’, goodbye" kekeke... that's so funny. I can see how Heechul looks touched & sad at the same time. OMO. I miss that person name Kim Heechul right now!

I think heechul & Suzy look cute together! Kim Heechul fighthing!! Only 22 month left. Remember we ELF will wait for you. Take care!! ♥


♥ 환영합니다 ♥


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