Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Am Someone

Posted by Suraya Hani at 8:03 PM
I am someone
I never thought
I walked so far away
Sure as the path that's been chosen cannot be changed
In my life's i had my destination
I also searched for the explanation
I learned to listen
I learned to forgive
I learned to loved and to be loved
I learned to laughed and cried
I've learned to fight also
To make me strong
To lift me up
To bring my dreams alive

I am someone
I meet my friends... my enemies
Sometimes make me cry
No matter what i'm still learned
I learned a lot about myself... about life
I hope when i'll look back to the past
With the sweetest smile
I still the person who's always learn!


♥ 환영합니다 ♥


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