Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How Do U Called Urself...

Posted by Suraya Hani at 2:15 PM
How do you call yourself? (What's your name?)
+ my name is suraya.. actually full name is siti suraya hani norizan. u can call su… or suraya (even ade yang panggil hani aku nk sh panggil su gak! X kire…) :p

How old are you?
+ i'm 25

Where you live?
+ kl

With whom?
+ me n’ family

Favorite things

+ black.. white.. blue… depends

+ somebody

Pet? (Not animal. Pet. Either living or dead. Yours or a friends)
+ me pc n’ magazine n’ …

Number (lucky or just magic)?
+ just luv 7

Childhood memory?
+ don’t remembered

Thing to do when you're bored?
+ listening to music… watching movies…

Person to talk to when you're bored?
+ anyone

Place to shop?
+ jj… klcc

Food? (The whole meal, not a category)
+ anything yg halal tolak kayu… batu… tanah… n’ bla… bla…

Place to go when you're sad?
+ my room

Place to go when you're happy?
+ anywhere

The last stuff

What's the last thought that crossed your mind?
+ bile nk g vacation niey...

Person you spoke with you in real life?
+ ?

Person you spoke with on the phone?
+ ?

Person you spoke with online?
+ all my lovely frenz

Person you send any sort of snail mail to?
+ no one

Place you went?
+ dunno!!

Thing you did before bed last night?
+ listening to music n’ read a story book.

Your family stuff

Any siblings?
+ nope...

Are your parents still married to each other?
+ yup

Which parent do you like better?
+ ayah n’ emak

Would you voluntarily hang out with your sibling?
+ y not if i had... :p but i hv my luvly anak sedare... ???

What about your parents?
+ yup

Random stuff

If you could have an accent, which would you have?
+ brit :P

Do you remember your dreams?
+ sometimes

What's your middle name and why is it that?
+ suraya

Relationships stuff

Are you married, dating, or single?
+ single dowh!

If you had the opportunity, would you go back out with any of your exes?
+ nope

Have you ever had a friend try to steal your bf/gf?
+ hahhaa no…

Would you rather be single and have lots of friends or married?
+ currently choosing "single and lots of friends"

Do you really tell your significant other everything?
+ emmmm…

Have you ever cheated just because you can?
+ no

Do you think your bf/gf is better than the losers your friends bring home?
+ think carefully...

Last stuff

Have you ever cried in public just to get attention?
+ no

Have you ever lied just to get attention?
+ no

Would you ever colaborate with a friend's lie just to make them look cool?
+ hahaa yup

Assume you were rich, where would you buy your clothes?
+ it's not about d’ price or place where i bought it... it's d "clothes" itself

What makes you smile?
+ someone

What makes you frown?
+ stupidity of myself


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