Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Malaysia's very own Grey's Anatomy?

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If you are ever bored with those sappy love dramas on TV, then we have good news for you! Check out Ampang Medikal, a new drama series by Primework SB. The drama pretty much revolves around Ampang Medikal and their team of doctors. Oh wait, don't we have that already?.sigh. Nevertheless, reasons why you should check out this drama is because it is our very own (rendition) of Grey's Anatomy. Well, sort of. As for the cast, newcomer Rusdiana Rusli will play Dr.Siti, an intern at Ampang Medikal who's torn between 2 guys, a pediatrician (Dr.Jeffrey) and a surgeon (Dr.Idris). Hmm well, kinda sounds like Meredith. Dr Jeffrey doesn't help the situation either as he plays a womanizer who falls in love with Dr Siti eventually. In a way, he does resembles McDreamy. Then we have Dr.Melissa, played by Julia Ziegler. An intern too, with a bubbly and funky personality, which somehow, reminds me of Izzie. Coincidence? The director insists that it has a more local feel, with a multi-cultural backdrop. We can't say much till its on TV. So, why don't you be the judge? Tell us what you think! Ampang Medikal will be on air starting 21 August at 8.30pm on NTV7.
grab from KLue.
ayoo... cmne la cite niey leh terhasil? hrm... x bleh ke kite come up with better show? with new idea n' not from the adaptation? hrm... busan la cmni. asyik cilok cite org jerk. haih...~~~


Hana said...

tak original! benciknyee

storyaboutagirl said...

tu r x ori... cube membayangkan cmne la jalan citer die erh...

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