Saturday, August 9, 2008


Posted by storyaboutagirl at 11:08 AM
whoaaa... today is 08.08.08 or 8 august 2008. hrmm.. is it a lucky number? naah... i dunno. but 4 me it's look just beautiful number. dat's all. by the way... arini olympic game kt beijing start. wah... aku amatlah teruje bebende yg melibatkan sukan. huhu...

enjoy jerk tgk sport. sendiri nk main xleh. xde mse. xde kesempatan. so... tgk je la jawabnye. hihi. actually aku sgt lah teringin nk tgk atlet² malaysia yg bwk cabaran negara kt sne. mampukah dorg bwk blk at least seketul emas yg mmg jd idaman m'sia. hihi... just pray 4 them & hope they can do it!!! yeah caiyorkk.... ganbatee...

actually nothing 2 write down. kt opis arini sgtlah membosankan. u know why
??? keje dh siap. internet xde. wufff... wat can i say!! i'm suck & stuck on it. nothin' much i can do. just listened 2 the song playing on my winamp, watched sum vid'clip, movie & huh... i'm sleeping all over again!! yah... yah... yah...


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