Monday, July 7, 2008

Colorful Life

Posted by Suraya Hani at 4:00 AM

Life is not always have a sweetest moment
There will be time, when you will feel bitter
But try to keep calm and control of your feeling
And gather all your strength with the best that you can
Life is definitely a test
For we live to differentiate us from others
To differentiate good and bad people
For those who pass, there will be a sweet rewards awaiting them
For those who fail, life will be more miserable and mysterious
Life is full with colors
Sometimes we felt overjoyed
Other times, we felt misery
Sometimes we laugh, other times we cry
Whoever we are, whatever things God throw to us
Try to remember God will not leave us alone
As long as we did things we are supposedly to do
And preventing ourselves from doing things that God forbid
There will be a road to happiness awaiting us
For life in this world is full with colors
All sort of colors from white to black
Is just up to us to choose the right color


♥ 환영합니다 ♥


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