Monday, June 23, 2008


Posted by Suraya Hani at 12:41 PM
sometimes..we love
sometimes..we hate

sometimes..we remember
sometimes..we forget

sometimes..we laugh
sometimes..we cry

sometimes..we fly
sometimes..we fall

sometimes..we run
sometimes..we walk

sometimes..we dance
sometimes..we sway

sometimes..we sleep
sometimes..we wake

sometimes..we dream
sometimes..we scream

sometimes..fantasy is better than reality
sometimes..reality is better than a shattered fantasy

sometimes..we don't get what we want
sometimes..what we don't want is what we get

sometimes..we search for answers
sometimes..we forgot the questions

sometimes..we took things for granted
sometimes..we ignore the good things we have

sometimes..we wish
sometimes..we hope
sometimes..we pray
sometimes..we let go

sometimes..we just need a kick on our butt to remind us that we are not living in this world alone and that we should stop fearing

sometimes..we need to learn
sometimes..we need to do
sometimes..we need to see

everytime..we need to BE...


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