Friday, May 23, 2008

And The Winner Goes To...

Posted by Suraya Hani at 12:44 PM
David Cook! In one of the most dramatic and star-studded season finales in the history of American Idol, David Cook was crowned the winner of the Seventh Season! huhu... first time aku tgk american idol x penah miss 4 this season. luv it so muchh! dunno why but i really... really.. enjoy it start from da' audition. huhu... nangis gak aaa aku bile result si ryan tu da' umum kan!

pape pon mmg best sgt performance dorg kt final tuh! teruja aku bile nengok! ish.. alangkah bestnye aku klu dpt g sne tgk live lg tuh! hihi sian lak kt david archuleta. pape pon dedue winner bg aku! sbb dedue mmg best! hihi... luv both of them!!! muahhh... pasni pasti aku akan merindui kalian! :)


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