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Big Bang 2015 World Tour Made Report In Malaysia

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Annyeong~ Aaahh Big Bang 2015 World Tour MADE in Malaysia really ended. But I still cant take my heart move from the most great and exclusive concert in Malaysia so far. So Im deciding to update my blog just to write up what I felt about this KPOP concert.

For everyone information, Im not going to Big Bang concert but I do my observation form all their videos performance and photos that fans shared. Oh gossshhh~ YES !! Its totally AMAZING !!!. 

The harmonies between VIP and Big Bang. ♥

Haru Haru

As you can see how beautiful MYVIP with their yellow ocean. WOW so huge ! With Hari Raya Aidilfitri still around the corner the stadium fill with thousand of fans who already queued since early morning.

For me everything just beautiful and amazing. From the lighting, sound, stage, props and crowd ! Yes, why not la kan since its million concert anyway. ^^ And Big Bang always maintains a high energy level for their fans as always. Its not easy to maintains their energy with singing and dancing. But they doing good!

Ahh... you'll know what? I can feel Im among of MYVIP during updating this post. LOL~ =p Okay lets continue. Haha...

This maknae really make MYVIP cant stop laughing. He really good to steal MYVIP heart. Remember when he create new song for Malaysia? Haha... you can watch the video below. ^^

Haha... Seungri sing Malaysia song randomly. Oh~~ Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia~
Aahh... remember when Daesung say "Saya tak boleh nampak!" Haha Im freaking laughing so hard. Suddenly Im just asking myself "Oh heolll~ Who teach him to say that?"

TOP. He's really unique and i love the way his rapping. If not mistake he the only one rappers not going to classes

Boom Dada
Young Bae !! I love his voice. And of course I love this atmosphere. I can feel that Im at Big Bang concert. All video that fans are sharing really make me move. I almost tears. Its beautiful when VIP start singing together!!

Eyes, Nose, Lips
GD. He is my bias in Big Bang. GD slayy everyone ! Aah... I just cant! I love his style. JJang.

I love his solo performances. Heoll~ The crowd sing along. Really goosebumpps~ ♥


Good Boy

Behind The Stage

I was screaming while watching this video. OOOO EMMM GEEE~ Malaysian VIP you guys DAEBAK !!! 


Goooooseeebumpsss~ especially when MYVIP fanchants "KANG DAESUNG" just WOW !!! Daesung must be proud of you guys. Aaa... and seriously i part when fans sang "lalalalala" part! Gossshhh~ cant believe it ! The crowd was so freaking LOUD !!

THIS WAS REALLY A GREAT PERFORMANCE!! I THINK WHETHER BIG BANG, VIPs, CREWs AND THE DANCERS THEY WERE HAVING FUN during this time! ^^ Even i didn't go to this concert but i still support Big Bang from far and I can't deny that I'm totally jealous with MYVIP yang pergi concert tu! You're guys are so lucky did a great job in the concert. Teeehee~ ♥

If You

I can hear MYVIP singing together. Very loud. Ahh its not only "If You" song. Other songs too~ HEOLL !!~ So proud for your great job guys! CLAPPPSS~ ♥

Big Bang continue their Tour around the world almost every week. Yes. You can see how tight their schedule. They have to fly every week outside Korea.

For me. GD and Taeyang slayed! Daesung and Seungri as you guys already know they are really good. Haha but TOP. Never fail to maintain his weird charisma. LOL~ 

I maybe not VIP. But i do respect them. And i support them. Yes, I admit that I envy MYVIP. They was so damn lucky because Big Bang successful hold 2 days 2015 World Tour MADE In Malaysia. Im sure they will back here again soon. ^^ btw this is second time dorg datang sini time raya. If la last show today dorg buat surprise wearing baju melayu... heol so DAEBAK!! Ahh whatever it is. MADE Tour in Malaysia has ended. Thank you bring Big Bang in Malaysia. More than 45 000 fans gathering inside the stadium.

Fun fact about Big Bang 2015 World Tour Made In Malaysia:

1. The first Korean act to hold a two-day concert in Kuala Lumpur
2. The Most Expensive Concerts In Malaysian History
3. The FIRST country to see TOP with blonde hair and the LAST country to see SEUNGRI with blonde hair
4. The FIRST country to watch BIG BANG sang IF U in red attires
5. No shirtless by Taeyang in Malaysia. Dancers are also wearing something long and cover up instead of their usual attires. Respect!

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