Saturday, October 20, 2012

How Well Do You Know Super Junior MVs?

Posted by Suraya Hani at 4:36 PM

Answer each question and write your responses down on a piece of paper or just remember them in your head. Check your answers with the answer guide below. When you’re done leave a comment below telling how you did. And remember cheating is not good.


1. “Don’t Don” featured a member playing an instrument. Who was the member and what instrument did he play?

2. Which phone company’s banner appeared twice in their “Dancing Out” music video?

3. Which SNSD member was featured in Super Junior’s “U” music video?

4. Who was the member that wore red pants in their “No Other” music video?

5. What did Eunhyuk and Hangeng wear that the other members didn’t in “Sorry Sorry”?

6. In the beginning of “Mr. Simple” there was a random flying Jacket, whose the owner of this jacket?

7. Which member performs ‘magic’ in their “Bonamana” music video?

8. Who’s the ‘loser nerd’ in Super junior-M’s “Super Girl”?

9. What did Sungmin throw in “A-CHA”?

10. In “Happiness”, which member was wearing glasses and what color was it?


8-10 Points: You study Super Junior’s every move and watched their music videos over a hundred times.
5-7 Points: You were mesmerized by Super Junior’s hotness and didn’t pay much attention to the details.
3-4 Points: You watched their music videos only once and didn’t pay attention to it.
0-2 Points: You probably never watched their music videos.

HIGHLIGHT FOR ANSWERS: 1. Henry, Violin 2. Nokia, 3. Yoona, 4. Leeteuk, 5. Shades, 6. Eunhyuk 7. Donghae. 8.

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