Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dear Hong Kong ELF Get Well Soon!

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Just read about a HK ELF who got into a car accident in Australia. At first, she was fine with just fractures and several stitches on her face but after that, she started to have constant headaches. She had a checkup and the doctors found blood clots in her brain. When she finally went to undergo an operation to remove the blood clots 5 days ago, the operation didn't go too successfully and she slipped into a coma. Her dad has been updating her Weibo and her heart stopped several times but she was always rescued back. Her dad said that he has been playing SJ songs to her and has been telling her that she has to wake up to see the boys again and if she has no ticket to the Shanghai SS4, he will pay whatever amount just for her to go. Just this morning, her hands seemed to be moving to the beat of the song but she still hasn't woken up yet. Its heartbreaking...those who can read Chinese, you can go and read her weibo here

Even though I don't know her but as a fellow ELF wake up and get well soon!

We'll know even our boys are strong. ELF must strong too! HWAITING~ Love from Malaysian ELF & ELF from over the world! T^T

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