Saturday, March 24, 2012

Girls' Generation At "Twin Towers @Live 2012" Concert

Posted by Suraya Hani at 10:33 PM
Annyeong~ Hey guys!

Who's going to KLCC to watch Girls' Generation or SNSD last night? What you think about it?

Ok. I was there last night!!! It was so freaking awesome!!! Malaysia crowd was so DAEBAK! Also The fan chants were awesome, loud and sync! WOW!!!

Even only 8 of them but it's still make my day! Yuri couldn't attend the concert because she got drama shooting.

But no one can denied The power of MYSONES!!!

I'm sure SNSD performance definitely the reason why roads packed with people. After SNSD finish the road is clear. I think the crowd left the venue just to rush to KLIA to send the girls even Nicole is still there to perform. Haha... ^^

Sorry Nicole. Many people attend there for 9 ANGELS!! ^^

Just look at the crowd! WOW Malaysia you are so amazing!

Check it out the girls performance. Thank you for those who's sharing this videos. =D

Girls' Generation - The Boys

Girls' Generation - Run Devil Run

Girls' Generation - Hoot

Girls' Generation - Genie

Girls' Generation - Gee

Girls' Generation - Mr Taxi

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