Monday, November 28, 2011


Posted by Suraya Hani at 10:54 PM
ELF hold the most power as a fans, but ELF need BANA, SAY A and aff(x)tionates power too to make this concert is the great ever! come on guys! this is not SUPER SHOW or SJ CONCERT, this is you IDOL CONCERT too! let’s show to them who we are. we KPOPERS from MALAYSIA, right? our country is small but doesnt mean our KPOP POWER is small too right? to ELF, PLEASE DONT WAIT FOR SS4! you guys know right SM STAFF will coming too on 3 dec? dont you know whats that mean? SM want to see how powerful MALAYSIAN ELF fanchant and support in outdoor stadium before they make a decision for SS4. we need SS4 right? we want SS4 right? so please come and support SJ! SJ need us, we need SJ! to MO.A Live 2011 in Malaysia (Mnet Live) i think you should wait till end of the month since student dont get their allowance yet and some of worker dont get their salary yet.

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- Credit: Mieramia HaeElf via Super Junior Malaysia Family -

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