Friday, August 5, 2011

Super Junior Talks About Their Happiest Moments

Posted by Suraya Hani at 11:09 PM

On August 4th, Super Junior finally held their much-anticipated comeback press conference at the Imperial Palace Hotel, inviting 200 different media outlets.

Leader Leeteuk was asked a special question by a fan from the States who wondered what his happiest moment was. To the surprise of many, Leeteuk replied, “Right before our debut.” He explained that the beauty of dreaming with hope for his future was his happiest moment.

Fellow members Eunhyuk and Si Won jokingly commented, “Kyuhyun wasn’t with us right before our debut. Isn’t he basically saying he was the happiest when Kyuhyun wasn’t with us?” They continued to tease the leader by going on to reply, “I was the happiest when Kyuhyun joined”, and “I was the happiest when Kyuhyun was discharged from the hospital.”

Shindong answered, “The members like to make a lot of bets. A while ago, Kyuhyun lost a game of rock, paper, scissors and had to pay for our entire dinner when all he had was two pieces of meat. I can’t help but smile like a mother when I see our members find joy in the littlest of things.”

With a smile, Sungmin added, “There are so many happy moments that I don’t know what to choose. The fact that I can even choose is such a happy moment for me.”

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