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DREAMSTAGE KOREA: Official Flashmob Day City List

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DREAMSTAGE KOREA: GLOBAL AUDITIONS 2011 has partnered up with YouTube to bring you a new series dedicated to discovering international talent. As the first true global K-Pop auditions, Dreamstage Korea will be collaborating with the biggest entertainment companies in Korea.

Dreamstage Korea: Global Auditions will be open to all, regardless of race, gender or age. Those who audition will be required to either sing, rap or dance as a soloist. Each city stop will contain two events- a preliminary round and a final round. The cities that Dreamstage Korea will stop at will be determined by fan popularity and will be announced closer to the event dates.

The overwhelming support that entertainment companies have seen from dedicated international fans has moved them to not only participate in these auditions, but also host concerts at every tour stop. Your favourite idol groups will be opening for Dreamstage Korea with full-fledged concerts, making each stop a unique experience for every attendee.

The Hallyu Wave has clearly influenced an entire generation of talented individuals who want their turn in the spotlight of the Korean entertainment industry. Each episode of Dreamstage Korea will feature fans from countries all over the world, clamoring for a taste of K-Pop in their hometowns. Venturing into the homes of the most avid K-Pop fans, these auditions will provide an intimate look into how the Hallyu Wave has influenced lives around the world.

Determined by a panel of celebrity judges, two winners from each stop will be flown to Seoul for the live finale and a chance to launch their idol careers. The series, produced in collaboration and partnership with a major broadcasting network in Korea, will have full coverage via YouTube for international readers.

With so many potential cities to visit, only the most vocal fans will earn their spot as a confirmed concert and audition stop in our international tour. Dreamstage Korea: Global Flashmob Day is an event Dreamstage Korea has pioneered to help decide which cities are most deserving of a tour stop. Through these flashmobs, fans will be able to truly showcase how far the Hallyu Wave has spread.

The "Global Flashmob Day" on July 30th, 2011 will be happening at 3PM in every timezone across the world. The official list of cities for Flashmob Day has been released. Check out the list below to find the city nearest to you!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (http://www.facebook....239941142693495)
Kansas City, USA (http://www.facebook....103771369720169)
Mexico City, Mexico (http://www.facebook....120809784679534)
St. Petersburg, USA (http://www.facebook....134480336636782)
Cebu City, Philippines (http://www.facebook....104661939632255)
Manila, Philippines (http://www.facebook....111093522320240)
Perak State, Malaysia (http://www.facebook....176761632391340)
Atlanta, USA (http://www.facebook....254274174588132)
Buenos Aires, Argentina (http://www.facebook....223280254375750)
Edmonton, Canada (http://www.facebook....237424902948961)
Las Vegas, USA (http://www.facebook....138563146224749)
Houston, USA (http://www.facebook....251835624826572)
Warsaw, Poland (http://www.facebook....172560969477917)
Malaysia (http://www.facebook....241713462525363)
Vancouver, Canada (http://www.facebook....228300057210305)
Düsseldorf, Germany (http://www.facebook....166749180061366)
Reynosa, Mexico (http://www.facebook....181880085204125)
Monterrey, Mexico (http://www.facebook....130992363647751)
Los Angeles, USA (http://www.facebook....252467211432065)

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