Monday, January 7, 2008

The guy who love you...

Posted by Suraya Hani at 3:30 AM
The guy who love you , if he can't
always see you,
he will try to make himself busy,
for not to have
any time to remember you, because he
knew, if he
did, he will keep on missing you until
he could do nothing.

The guy who love you, can't tell you
the reason why he love you.
he only knew that,
in his eyes,
you are the only one.

The guy who love you,seldom praise
you , but in his heart, you are the best,
only he know it.

The guy who love you, will scold or
complaint if
you din't reply his message but
others, because
he cares.

The guy who love you, only drop his
tears in front of you,
when you try to wipe his
you are
touching his heart,
the heart which
beat for you.

The guy who love you, will remember
every word u said, even its accidentally and he
will use the
word always at the nick of time.


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